Independence Public Library

Author Interview: Hazel Spire

November 30, 2017

Hazel Spire was born and raised in England and she came to the US after meeting her GI husband in Iran.  Her first YA mystery, SECRET OF THE SEVENTH GATE (Royal Fireworks 2001), takes place amid the turmoil of Iran’s Islamic Revolution. Her second novel, ARROWHEAD’S LOST HOARD (P3 Press 2008), is about kids finding Roman treasure on a fictional British island.

Hazel has self-published three poetry chapbooks: HOMEWARD TRACKS, TAPESTRY OF TIME, and KALEIDOSCOPE. The poems range in style, from sonnet to haiku to free verse to limerick. Subjects include family, faith, nature, and parody. 60+ pieces, printed in a variety of magazines, have won awards from Kansas Voices, Astra Arts Festival, and more.

Seven years ago, Hazel retired from full-time teaching in Texas and moved to Sedan, KS, where she is illustrating an ABC of London and writing a memoir based on recipes. Her other interests are crafts, music, photography, and reading. 

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