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Author Reading: Little Magpie and The Wild Pony Hunt by Sue Snow (Marilyn Johnson)

January 26, 2018

Independence, Kansas author Marilyn Johnson, writing under the pen name Sue Snow has published her first children's book "Little Magpie and the Wild Pony Hunt.

She is currently working on "Little Magpie and Honey," book 2 of Little Magpie and Honey Adventures. This is the story of Little Magpie and her pony Honey. She discovers that her pony is highly intelligent, is a comedian and a jokester. She trains Honey first with verbal and then with hand commands much like we train dogs. Honey plays lots of tricks on the Magpie, Broken Tooth, the medicine man and the entire village during their sessions, all the while snickering in laughter at her clever tricks! Little Magpie then discovers that Honey is attuned to her Dream Walking so she trains her to hear nonverbal commands without hand signals.

 The book centers on the two of them working together in two separate events. The first one wins the freedom of a young mother whose toddler was drowning. The warrior Black Snake of the Yellow Bear Eaters rescue the young boy and, as a prize for the rescue, claim the mother for his wife. Little Magpie and Honey trick him by getting him to agree to a wager that the warrior thinks he is sure to win. The second event is a rescue by Little Magpie and Honey of a little girl, Yellow Flower, of the People of the Deer who is kidnapped by the Badger People. After the rescue, the two are pursued through the Painted Mountains by the Badgers, as they try to steal back the child, and by Black Snake who wants revenge on Little Magpie and Honey. As they continue on their dangerous journey, Little Magpie tells Yellow Flower many stories of their People and how Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun shaped the mountains and the tall hoodoos they are traveling through.

Her book Little Magpie and The Wild Pony Hunt can be purchased at Magnolia Scents by Design, 106 N Pennsylvania Ave, Independence, KS 67301 or by calling (620) 331-8900. Check out their website: Magnolia Scents by Design

The book can also be purchased on amazon.

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